Karoonjhar the history of civilisation, mystery of cultures and story of humble people of Tharparkar:Usama Soomro

Karoonjhar is the Mountaineous range, which is situated in the Nangar parker,Tharparkar,Sindh. Karoonjhar mountain of Nagarparkar on the northern edge of the Runn of Kutch. This mountain contains granite rocks and Chinese clay. The range of the Karoonjhar is 19 km in length and attains a height of 305 meter. karoonjhar also contains minerals, herbs […]

Hyder manzil political and ideological center is being demolished.

Karachi one of the biggest cities among the world, this city has its own historical, political, cultural and social values. Karachi has been most prominent city in political history of Sindh and Pakistan. Prominent political figure Mr. G.M Syed had spent the golden epoch of life in Karachi city. His place of residence Hyder Manzil […]

Jinnah of Pakistan

Book review Jinnah of Pakistan written By Stanley Wolpert About author. Stanley Wolpert is an American Writer, author, indologist, novelist and historian, he was born in 23/12/1927 in new York, America. He got his early education from his town, where he was born. Firstly he served in merchant marines of United States, then he appointed as […]

چلملاتی چہچہاتی چلبل چڑیا:اسامہ سومرو

کہاں گئی چلملاتی، چہچہاتی، چلبل چڑیا شدید ٹھنڈ میں سیر کو نکلی چڑیا۔گہونسلے اپنے سے نہر کو نکلی چڑیا۔بچوں کہ لیے کھانا ڈھونڈنےنکلی تلاش کو چڑیا۔پھیلائے اپنے پنکھ ہوا میں،چلی اس پار کو چڑیا۔کچھ تھے رھزن عقاب، راہ میں اسکے۔بچے تھے چڑیا کےماں کی آس میں منتظر۔لیکن رقس تھا انکا جاذب نظر۔پاس بیٹھے طوطے نے […]

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